Solo Accordions

Our solo instruments range from the bargain-priced instrument for first-timers, the Weltmeister Cassotto, to the Supra for sophisticated demands. The Supita is our top of the range model.

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Button accordions

Our button accordions are available as B and C systems, in various sizes and with different features both for beginners and advanced players. Keyboards supported on five axes and smooth-running bass mechanisms as well as high-grade workmanship are attributes of our Weltmeister accordions.

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Piano accordions

Our Weltmeister piano accordions range from small instruments for novices to large orchestra models. Their distinguishing features are outstanding keyboards, smooth-running bass mechanisms and top quality.

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Folklore accordions

Our Folklore series is available either with standard or Helicon basses. The two reed ranks for tremolo can be switched separately, so that the you can use the different tremolos as the whim takes you. Its timeless design provides the finishing touch to the Weltmeister Monte.

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Diatonic harmonicas

Our diatonic range of instruments offers a start for everyone. Whether you are looking for a Styrian harmonica or the Wiener 571 popular in Mexican music, the small and light-weight 86W when you are on the move, or the Cajun accordion important in the Tex-Mex, we have a suitable instrument for everyone.

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Special instruments

The orchestra bass for a rich sound base and the Weltmeister Freebass for freethinkers complete Harmona’s product range.

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For every accordion we provide the needed accessories  – like cases, gig bags and straps. target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>For accessories have a look at the online-shop.

Spare Parts

You are looking for spare parts? Spare parts are available through our dealers