In our workshop, we repair and renovate Weltmeister accordions and harmonicas.

Repair kaleidoscope

  • Replacement of hand straps, snap fasteners, bellows straps
  • overhaul of keyboard and mechanism, alignment of key travel
  • Replacement of bellows, Re-sealing of bellows
  • Repair of celluloid or housing
  • Replacement of individual or complete reed sets
  • Re-tuning or fine-tuning of the instrument

General overhaul

Your instrument will be overhauled in our workshop by qualified accordion and harmonica makers with long years of professional experience. Premium-quality materials and original spare parts are used. General overhauls include cleaning of the instrument and reed cleaning, venting and waxing .  If you wish so, the overhaul can also include in addition the replacement of the valve flap coating as well as the alignment of the bass and treble mechanism.

How to proceed

We will be pleased to advise you and will provide an estimate of the costs on the basis of the repairer’s assessment. We will charge a processing allowance that is set off upon your order.