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Since 1852, we have been using our inventive talent, craftsmanship and musical ear here in Klingenthal, Germany, to make wonderful accordions for each and every interested player, be it the beginner or the versed amateur.


Klingenthal, a centre of music, is a little town in the Saxon Vogtland area, with a direct border to Bohemia. As early as in the middle of the 17th century, instrument makers settled down here, violin

Weltmeister Monte 43 accordion

Our Products

Solo Accordions Our solo instruments range from the bargain-priced instrument for first-timers, the Weltmeister Cassotto, to the Supra for sophisticated demands. The Supita II is our top of the range model. For more solo accordions have


In our workshop, we repair and renovate Weltmeister accordions and harmonicas. Repair kaleidoscope Replacement of hand straps, snap fasteners, bellows straps overhaul of keyboard and mechanism, alignment of key travel Replacement of bellows, Re-sealing of bellows